An evening at the pub in Chilcompton

We seem to be getting into the idea of dancing at pubs this month. On Monday night we were asked along to dance with our friends at Priston Jubilee Morris and with Tatters and Tails. We’ve been to Priston Festival a number of years now – quite a small affair given that it’s quite a small village, but it usually has some good attendees.

Mr Wilkins, Priston and Tatters & Tails

Mr Wilkins, Priston and Tatters & Tails

Anyway, Monday we were at the Somerset Wagon in Chilcompton. I would like to have eaten there as well – the menu looked very edible – but I thought it might not be such a good idea eating so close to dancing. As it was, I had to make a side trip to pick up the hoops and sticks as our Squire was, unfortunately, unable to attend so I was the pretend Squire for the evening. And I have to say, everyone behaved themselves during the evening – so thank you for being so co-operative in the face of my scatterbrain.
Mr Wilkins’ dancers and musicians were very organized I have to say. We all arrived nice and early (despite the treat of roadworks on the Radstock road), so we had filled up the car park in good time before all the other sides had turned up. In fact, we started dancing a little early – the wind was quite chilly by 8pm, so we decided to get going anyway given that we were all there and ready to go. Horwich, Oldbury Naite, Shawforth, Rose, Blackadder for 4 and Richmond as our usual finish. A couple of dances we didn’t do due to clashes of positions, but no-one was very put out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Other Morris sides do make a good audience as they can usually appreciate the subtleties of some of the dances – and they can also appreciate the mistakes and laugh at them as it’s happened to them as well.
All in all, a very pleasant summer evening’s dancing with congenial company. Perhaps a return visit at a meal time with no dancing – just like the Hare & Hounds at Corsham. Now, if I can just persuade some of the local drivers that the speed limit is more than 40mph on some roads…

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