BoA Green Man Fest Cancellation

I am afraid that the BoA Green Man Festival as planned has been cancelled. We operate on a very tight budget and have just experienced a double financial hit making it impossible to continue. First, our planned income was greatly reduced when a key partner unexpectedly withdrew and then a sizeable donation did not materialise. The second killer blow came when Wiltshire Council announced that it must now charge for use of two key venues that had previously been free of charge. Our budget simply cannot cope with a substantial reduction in income and an increase in costs so we, as organisers, stood to make a considerable personal loss on the event. With huge regret we have no option but to cancel.

We were on track to be the UK’s largest one day day of dance so our apologies to all the dancers and musicians who planned to attend, to all the artisans who would have been in our market, to the local community groups that loose an opportunity to advertise their activities, the performers in our concerts, session musicians, funfair provider and of the course the small army of volunteers who would have kept the wheels turning.

Determined not to sink without trace our giant Jack in the Green will still tour the town on 14th May with his Ganderflankers musicians. He’ll be joined by a unique Jill in the Green, two beasts and two local Morris sides but that is the most we can manage without any costs or income. We will be back in 2023 and future years but probably in that reduced format.

Yours aye
Alfie Windsor & Kit Leighton
Organisers The BoA GMF

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