Gold Hill Festival, Shaftesbury Sunday 3rd July 2022

Dear All

Gold Hill Fair is no more. Gold Hill Festival will be on 3rd July 2022.

The festival is based in Barton Hill Park and anyone is welcome to come and find space to dance there.

I suggest that if people would like to come to Shaftesbury there is plenty of space outside the Town Hall to dance, and along Park Walk, and Shaftesbury Abbey are very keen to have people there too. Obviously the High St will not be closed but a lot of people visiting the festival also visit Gold Hill and Park Walk, there was plenty of people about last year, including Journalists from major national papers… If you do dance across town, the usual rules apply about your own public liability as if your were busking in any town on a normal dance out.

Many thanks for all your support over the years, I will be more than happy to assist you in anything in a personal capacity, please do get in touch.

Many thanks

Sam Skey

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