Gallery : 2018

Parade Gardens

A gloriously sunny bank holiday Monday in Parade Gardens, Bath at the invitation of Bathampton Morris, alongside Tatters & Tails. Fortunately the bandstand was in the shade otherwise we would have melted.

Rising Sun, Pensford

It’s becoming a very nice habit dancing at Pensford with Mendip Morris. A bit more space in the car park.


At the invitation of one of our former musicians – who has gone back home to Stourbridge, we set off up north for the day to meet some new friends.

Goldhill Fair, Shaftesbury

Another nice sunny day at the Goldhill Fair with our traditional picnic in the Abbey Gardens. Unfortunately I was too busy dancing to take many photos.

Red Lion, Bishop Sutton

Along with our friends from Somerset Morris, a new venue for us for an evening dance out in the Chew Valley.

Barge Inn, Bradford on Avon

This time we met up with Hips and Haws for an evening dance out that kept going until it became difficult to see the edge of the terrace we were dancing on. It’s surprising how well a large dance fits on such a small area.

Priston Folk Festival

The sun came out and we had a lovely Sunday in the village with our friends

Swanage Folk Festival

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside. Fresh air and ice cream to end the season.

Christmas Charity Dance Out

Collecting for Unseen, we had a much sunnier outlook on the day than last year’s snow. New location too – moved to the middle of Milsom Street we had brilliant audiences and a really good atmosphere. Hope we dance there again.

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