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Welcome to the Day of Dance. 

On this page you will find information about the activities on Saturday 26 September as part of the Morris Federation’s 40th Anniversary AGM weekend.  Please note that these arrangements might be ‘tweaked’ slightly for timings, but the basics are in place.  Please note that bookings have closed for the Day of Dance – though tickets for the ceilidh are still available.


Timetable for Saturday 26 September.

Friends' Meeting House, York Street

Friends’ Meeting House, York Street (entrance is to left of columns)

9.30-10.00 Registration and Refreshments at Friends’ Meeting House, York Street . This building will stay open all day to allow you to drop of excess kit, large items or even shelter from the rain (we hope not).




10.00-10.30 Kingston Parade (just along from the Friend’s Meeting House). Welcome speeches from the Mayor of Bath and other Important People. Mr Wilkins’ Shilling will also dance before acting as stewards for the rest of the day around the dance spots.

Kingston Parade

Kingston Parade

10.30-15.30 Dance tours of Bath – there will be members of Mr Wilkins’ Shilling at the dance spots to guide you around and keep you on the right side of the line.  Lunch breaks will be figured into the timetable – buy your own at one of the many cafes and bistros around town, or bring a picnic (keep fingers crossed for the weather) and eat in the park.

15.30-16.30 Tea & Cake and registration for the AGM.  This will be in the Friends’ Meeting House in York Street where you started the day.

16.30 Morris Federation AGM.  Will be held in the Friends’ Meeting House where registration was in the morning.

Break – time to change for the ceilidh, find something to eat and (very importantly) move your vehicle out of the park & ride car parks as the last bus goes long before the carriages come to carry you off from the ceilidh.

19.30-23.00 Ceilidh with ‘All Blacked Up’ in the Assembly Rooms.  Host of many sedate Georgian Assemblies and Balls (just like those in Jane Austen novels), why not come and wake them up with a ceilidh in the ballroom?

We are looking at the possibilty of arranging some dancing in the vicinity of Bath on Sunday 27th. If your side would be interested, please indicate on the form and we will see what we can arrange.

Any queries or requests, please fill in the contact form below.


Dance Spots.

A full list of dance spots is now available on their own page along with the programme and a map of the spots.

Basic rules to observe at all dance spots.  Bath is a very busy city with tourists, literature fans and visitors thronging the streets, and the locals desperately trying to ignore all of them. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way…

  • Please allow room for pedestrians to pass by your side when dancing.
  • Do not impede entrance to any shops, pubs, or buildings in your vicinity.
  • Please do not move away from the agreed location – we have worked hard to agree specific locations and sometimes crossing over a change in the paving stones may move you into forbidden territory. Your chaperones should be aware of all the pitfalls.
  • Buskers – there are many of these in Bath and they often use the same locations as we have listed for the dance spots.  There is an agreement with them for us to use the sites, but they’ll be here after you’ve gone and we have to work with them. They are generally happy to move on/finish if we have specific times agreed. Please do not overrun if there is no dancing immediately after you – similarly, please also do not start too early.
  • Kingston Parade – our main starting point at the beginning of the day.  As this is immediately outside Bath Abbey, please do not use any amplified music here after the speeches are finished as there is an event on.

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