Dance Spots – information and images

Dancing will take place between 10.30am and 3.30pm.  Speeches will take place in Kingston Parade at 10am followed by a performance by Mr Wilkins’ Shilling.

Download Day of Dance programme here: DoD programme

There are 11 dance spots throughout the centre of Bath and there will be stewards at each.  Some sites have some restrictions to their use, so please obey the stewards’ information. Scroll down for photos of the sites – NB most of these photos were taken early on a Sunday morning – there will be lots more people around!

A. Kingston Parade Starting point for the Day of Dance. Large area of flat paving on a slight slope surrounded by benches. Outside Bath Abbey – please do not use amplifiers before 1.30pm due to an event taking place at the Abbey.


B. Milsom Street. At the bottom of the street outside the shoe shop and Octopus with flat paving and (possibly) poles for hanging baskets. There’s a bench and will be lots of people as this is one of the busiest spots in town, so mind your gear and everyone else’s toes.


C. Terrace Walk outside the Huntsman Inn. A nostalgic spot for us as this was the first place Mr Wilkins’ Shilling danced out in public. Right beside a pub (at least you’ll be able to find your musicians if they go missing…) and the coach drop off/pick up point, so lots of tourist to entertain. Sally Lunn’s is just round the corner if you need a cuppa.




D. Stall Street/Southgate Street. Outside the corner entrance to Marks & Spencer, flat pavement on another busy junction for shoppers. Please note that you must take care to dance uphill from the change in paving stones as we’ll get charged if you stray too far downhill.


E. Parade Gardens. A relatively peaceful spot in the middle of town (and a good place for a picnic). – the entrance is opposite Garfunkel’s through the gates. The gardens are lower than the surrounding streets as this was the level of the ground in Roman times, so many of your audience may be looking down on you from the pavement above your head. Say hello to King Bladud and his pig.


F. Union Street. Outside WH Smith’s.  Flat paving stones. A tight spot for dancing, you will need to allow space down the sides of your sets to let the public (and their kiddy buggies) through.




G. Kingsmead Square. Flat paving stones on a slope beneath a spreading tree (so shade from sun or rain). Close to cafes and pubs, a popular through route across town, this is most westerly of the dance spots.



H. Orange Grove. A wide piece of flat pennant paving just on the north side of Bath Abbey. Near to the pick up point for the bright red tourist buses. No amplifiers before 1.30pm due to event in Abbey.





I. St James’ Parade. Close to the City College and just round from the Therma Bath Spa (you’ve got to try that rooftop thermal pool), with flat paving.



(photo coming) J. Barton Street. Close by the Theatre Royal Bath (Saturday matinees) on the road between Molloy’s Irish Pub and Pizza Express. This is a closed road, but it does have a camber to the gutters.


K. George Street. Outside Mailboxes Etc. at the west end of Edgar Buildings.  Slightly uneven pennant paving on the Georgian raised pavement. Most northerly (and uphill) of all the dance spots.