Parking in Bath

Like many cities with streets built before the advent of cars, parking is an issue. Bath is a small city with a lot of visitors. Long term car parks or the Park & Rides are the main options if you must bring a vehicle to the city (and aren’t leaving it at your accommodation). The map below shows you the locations of the long term car parks and the Park & Ride locations – starts and stops. See below the map for more information and further links.


Car Parks
There are several car parks in Bath, but only three with long term rates over 4 hours, or multi-day rates. The chargeable period for all of them is 8am to 8pm. You must sign up for mobile phone cashless payments before you try to park.  More information is available on the Council website here.

  • Avon Street (BA1 1UF) – £12.50 for 12 hours. Payment by coins (no notes), card or mobile phone.
  • Charlotte Street (BA1 2NB) – £8.50 for 12 hours. Payment by coins (no notes), card or mobile phone. Disabled bays, free motorcycle parking & WC.
  • Manvers Street (BA1 4AF) – £12.50 for 12 hours. Payment by coins (no notes), card or mobile phone. Disabled bays.


Coach Parking

There is coach parking at the Riverside Coach Park (BA1 1UE), close to the Avon Street car park.  It will take coaches and campervans.  £16 for over 8 hours (overnight free if you have this ticket displayed, otherwise £2 charge overnight).  This is the only official coach park in the city.  There is a pick up point at Terrace Walks in the centre of the city, but waiting times are restricted.


Park & Rides

There are three Park & Ride sites around Bath, to the north, west and south.  They all claim to take about 10 minutes to reach the city centre. Parking is free, you pay your fare, per person, on the bus (currently £2.50 return at weekends) or free to English bus concessionary users. Please note that the last bus is at 8.30pm, so you will have to move your vehicle before you come to the ceilidh.  See the car park information above – they are free after 8pm. Details on all the sites is on the Council’s leaflet (pdf)

  • Lansdown Park & Ride (BA1 9BJ) is to the north of the city, and thus us the most approchable if you are arriving from the M4. Main city centre stop is on Milsom Street.
  • Newbridge Park & Ride (BA1 3NB) is on the A4 to the west of the city, so is approached from the Bristol/Somerset side of Bath.  It is also near to a campsite/caravan park. Main city centre stop is at Westgate Buildings.
  • Odd Down Park & Ride (BA2 8PA) is to the south of the city, approached from north east Somerset and south west Wiltshire.  The main city centre stop is on St James’ Parade near the bottom of Southgate Street.


On Street Parking

This is as rare as hen’s teeth.  Restrictions are lifted at 7pm, and a lot of locals start chancing their arms from 6.30pm onwards. There is a lot of permit holder parking which is not available for visitors – this includes most of the street spaces around the Assembly Rooms.




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