A good day out was had by all …

Subject: Multicultural Frome – Thank you!
Date: 10 November 2019 at 20:01:49 GMT

Wow! What an amazing day! 
So, we had 25 countries represented today- that’s pretty good going!
800 people came today and what a beautiful feeling there was – colourful, happy celebration! 
Thank you so much to everyone who took part, making the effort to bring everyone together through music, talks, info, food, games, crafts, dance!
See you soon!
Best wishes Lenka and Azeema

MWS Tunebook

At the Newcomers afternoon yesterday, we were asked about what tunes the band played. Mostly they are traditional tunes from the Morris and British folk traditions. In upgrading our current Tunebook, some examples of the current dances music has been uploaded, and this will be enlarged and updated soon … for anyone wanting to join us, or join in with us when we Dance Out. As ever in this tradition, “the dots” are there for guidance, not a strict transcription of what we play.

Newcomers Came!

Four ladies joined us today on Saturday afternoon … the first since we moved to Bathampton from our previous venue in Batheaston.

We did some demonstration dances with hoops and with sticks, and taught a traditional dance, “Hindley” which we dance to the tune A Hundred Pipers. We started teaching the two basic dance steps we use, “Single Stepping” and “Ranting” (also called a polka step), and then learned the chorus of this dance, followed by four different figures. We put this all together successfully by the end of the afternoon … and we also drank tea and ate cake!

We look forward to meeting them again …