Mr Wilkins’ Shilling – Welcome!

Mr Wilkins’ Shilling is a Morris team from Bath, Somerset. We mostly dance the North-West tradition. Historically we have been a Ladies side, but along with many others, we are now open to all, whether dancing or playing.

We were founded in 1988 and dance locally at various venues around Bath and the southwest of England.  We attend several Folk Festivals through the year fairly regularly, such as Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham, Portsmouth, Sidmouth and Swanage.  We can also dance for private events – see our Bookings page for more information.

Want to give it a go? New dancers and musicians are always welcome. The best time to start is between about October and February when we don’t have any dance outs that usually take up our practice nights and there is more time for you to start learning. For more information, see our Join In page.

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